Servers and linux

Ain’t it funny when you have to install linux again on your server ? The community works and builds upgrades (some better, some worse – see debian 6) but that could be a really pain in the ass when trying to install packets that are no longer there. Not to mention the little options that […]

Samsung + Nokia = Love ?

A few days ago I got a ticket for speaking at the mobile while driving… yey… Anyway, I got my dad’s Nokia bluetooth headset with my mind set on using it. Last night I tried everything I knew and it just wasn’t visible. I went to sleep being sure that Samsung has done something to […]

Firewire card

We want to record our live practice sessions and our mixer is an incredible piece of engineering. Through an firewire port you can control, mix, record and playback anything you want. I have a firewire port on my laptop, but as I discovered, it has alot of faults. We tried using Florin’s computer, but recording […]

I hate Mac

How many people have you heard saying that “Macs are better than PC’s” ? I heard that phrase more than enough and all I have to say is that every person that said that is a bit poetic-snobbish-like from my point of view. You cannot convince me to pay the price of a regular PC […]