Clean your instruments!

Today we have rehearsals with the band. With all the repair works I had at my home, alot of dust was everywhere. It’s really hard to keep everything clean on these conditions… Somehow, today I have managed to clean my cases, bags and gear. Squeaky clean! They are very happy now 🙂 Also, I will post the […]

Firewire card

We want to record our live practice sessions and our mixer is an incredible piece of engineering. Through an firewire port you can control, mix, record and playback anything you want. I have a firewire port on my laptop, but as I discovered, it has alot of faults. We tried using Florin’s computer, but recording […]

How to fix a loosy volume knob

After days of searching on the internet, I couldn’t find any instructional video on how to remove and fix a loose volume knob. The volume knob wasn’t fixed like the others.So I decided to fix it myself and show you how I did it. A video is better than 1000 opinions on the forum i guess […]

Hiking trip

I miss hiking in our mountains… I have one wish sometime in the near future: doing all Fagaras chain. From my calculations it’s a 7-8 days trail with minimum 4 more friends, tents, sleeping bags and warm food. If we can add a guitar it would be perfect 🙂   Fagaras is the wildest mountain […]